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I ordered custom fit prom dress for my daughter last year (2011-12 school year).I had to call or e-mail them several times before I received an ETA for the dress.

When it arrived, the fit was not even close to my daughter's size. The material was cheap, the workmanship was extremely poor. I notified company the same day the dress arrived of the poor quality and our dissatisfaction with the dress and of our desire to return dress for a refund. I received an e-mail the next day from PerSun asking me to send pictures of the dress which I did that same day (approx.

15 pics) with a note stating again that we did not want the dress and wanted to return it for a full refund, and I stated that I had followed their return policy by contacting them and providing pictures for them in the timeframe stated in their return policy. I didn't hear back from PerSun for approx. 2 weeks. When I did receive a return e-mail, it stated that the cost of me returning the dress would be too expensive for me, but they wanted me to find someone to alter it in my home town and that they would reimburse me.

Because so much time had passed without hearing from PerSun, I had already purchased another dress LOCALLY and had it altered, and I e-mailed PerSun back and told them I still wanted to return the dress for a refund.

I never heard back from them and I never received a refund.To be on the safe side I closed out my credit card.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Despite your experience, I had a nice one with Persun though.I don't know whether you and I are talking about the same dresses store online .

But, I kinda like them. I ordered two prom dresses from them weeks ago with my BBF for our homecoming. She liked a watermelon high low prom dress. And I picked myself a royal blue short strapless one.

Fabrics are comfortable and delivery was fast though. And we got them under $140. Not so expensive as ya. Besides, none of their teens prom dresses are close to $300.

Most are about $120. I and my BBF got them when they offered discounts for budget friendly students. I thought that was really sweet.

You might have some misunderstanding there. After I placed my orders, I was so eager to see my dresses, and I kept sending them mails asking them questions, their customer services are patient and considerate.

BTW, they are a company from China, there is a time lag issue.

And their customer services have to deal with thousands of mails per day. But it's true of me that they reply each of my mail as soon as possible as they have explained within 24 hours.

I think it's normal.Whatsoever, have a nice night :) ,) :zzz

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